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First few pics of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Leaked[no samsung galaxy Pro model this time]

So the past recent rumours about bigger version of samsung galaxy note 10 will come up with a 'Pro' name were wrong its looks like samsung will stick to its 'plus' moniker for their flagship series which kind of make sense as the company use 'plus' for their flagship s series smartphones.

Now coming back to fresh samsung galaxy note 10 leaks [black color pics] which was shared by @Mr_TechTalkTV .

As u can clearly see in the above pics there is a Galaxy Note 10+ branding in the boot screen furthermore in the next pic there is a new punch hole display notch as we can see a single front-facing selfie camera display cutout is in the center of the device as oppose to the right side in galaxy s10 series .Interestingly, we cant find an earpiece on the device, which suggests that the samsung will indeed ditch an earpiece in favour of sound on display technology which basically means it will use screen vibration technology to deliver the earpiece audio.

Moving on the next pic which is kind of blurry photo but we can recognize a triple camera setup with a flash to the side, apart from that there is nothing more information we can gather from the leaked pics.

now to sum up the rumours samsung will be launching three device from note 10 series - samsung galaxy note 10 4g ,samsung galaxy note 10+ , samsung galaxy note 10 5g on august probably 7th august at their galaxy event.

there is no other information available right now but considering we are getting closer to samsung galaxy note 10 launch event we can expect a lot more leaked information in coming weeks.

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